Sol Hill Delivers "The Best Art Ever!"

Courtesy of Sol Hill Sol Hill was surrounded by art his entire life. In fact, the day after he was born his parents opened the first contemporary art gallery in the creative mecca of Santa Fe, New Mexico. So it makes sense that he, too, would become an artist. But when he announced that he wanted to study art in college, both of his parents urged him to do something more practical. Hill admitted this “took the wind out of my sails.” That, coupled with his ongoing dissatisfaction with the Gulf War, led Hill to take on a double major in International Affairs major with an area specialization in Persian Gulf security issues and German Studies. Yet after graduation, Hill realized that his chosen

Robin Walker Shares the Raw Energy of Being Alive Through His Art

Courtesy of Robin Walker When people think of California and creativity they image the bright lights and glamour of Hollywood. But about 45 minutes away lies Topanga Canyon, which has been a rustic breeding ground for musicians and artists for decades. So it’s no surprise that growing up in this hot bed of inspiration might seep into native Angeleno Robin Walker’s psyche while he was a local kid. As he recounted in a recent interview, “I grew up in Topanga Canyon. My parents moved there in the 1950s because they couldn’t stand the crowdedness in Los Angeles, and Topanga was a world away. It was full of creative types. It seemed normal to see people like Neil Young in the market or members of

Our Day with the Cassidy Brothers

A NOTE FROM THE PASSIONISTAS: In 2009, while working on a retro pop culture website called GetBack, we were given our first interview assignment to visit the set of a new show called "Ruby and the Rockits." Imagine how excited we were to discover that we would be interviewing ALL of the Cassidy brothers — David and Patrick, who starred in the show, Shaun, who was the Executive Producer, and Ryan, who was working in the Art Department. Parts of it are especially poignant today. In honor of David's passing, we wanted to share the day with all of you. RIP David Cassidy. As young girls we would sit up close to the TV set every Friday night and watch The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family back

“God Bless Us Everyone” — The Man Who Invented Christmas

Every year during the holidays we watch at least three, if not four, versions of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. We typically start with our favorite Scrooge — the musical starring Albert Finney — on Thanksgiving night to ring in the season. Then between the two holidays we always sit down for the Bill Murray incarnation Scrooged and usually the classic Alastair Sims A Christmas Carol. And on Christmas Day we round it out with our favorite animated version starring Mr. Quincy Magoo. To say we are a bit obsessed with the story of the three nighttime ghostly visitors would not be an understatement. So, when the invite came to attend a screening of The Man Who Invented Christmas starring

"Hang" with the Original Cast of SNL (and Bill Murray)

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas If you’re a rock and roll fan, imagine the thrill you’d feel if you could see the Beatles reunite. Love baseball? What if you could be in a room with the players from the 1975 Cincinnati Reds? Well last night we had what might go down in Passionistas' history as our greatest Pop Culture Bucket List moment of all time when we saw our rock stars, our heavy hitters together all in one place. We still can’t believe we were lucky enough to be invited to the Television Academy Hall of Fame Awards where the original cast of Saturday Night Live was honored. In addition to the legendary sketch comedy stars, four other TV greats were being recognized. Grey’s Anatomy a

Chaz Bono Embraced Playing a Trump Supporter on American Horror Story: Cult

Courtesy of FX A NOTE FROM THE PASSIONISTAS: We tend to shy away from our biggest pet peeve in life, SPOILER ALERTS, in our interviews. But once you see this season of American Horror Story: Cult, you’ll understand why that wasn’t possible when we talked to Chaz Bono. So if you haven’t watched this season yet, go do it. And then be sure to come back and read our article with Chaz. Anybody who only knows Chaz Bono from Dancing with the Stars, as being the offspring of the iconic duo Sonny and Cher or for his activism, should check out this season of American Horror Story. Making his second foray into Ryan Murphy’s world in Cult, Chaz takes on the role of a staunch Trump supporter who will

Pop Culture Bucket List: Attend an Olivia Newton John Concert

In 1978, we used to dance around the living room with our brother singing the songs from “Grease,” starring John Travolta and Miss Olivia Newton John. Strains of “You’re the One That I Want,” “Summer Lovin’” and “Hopelessly Devoted to You” rang out from our house for months on end. While our somewhat thin singing voices were proof we would never be Olivia, we vowed one day to see her in concert. Flash forward to a few weeks ago when a press invite showed up in our inbox with those three magic words “Olivia Newton John” in the subject. We were so excited, we hit send on the RSVP without thoroughly reading the email. So, when we arrived in Malibu at the concert, we were not quite prepared fo

Jerry McLaughlin Loves Duality in Art

Courtesy of Jerry McLaughlin Growing up in the small rural town of Portsmouth, Ohio, Jerry McLaughlin never felt he fit in. Although he describes his childhood home as a “safe place to grow up,” he knew that if he was going to thrive, he would have to leave. He never could have anticipated where that journey would take him. McLauglin vividly remembers the first time he was impacted by art. As he recounted in a recent interview, “I was a nerdy kid growing up and used to flip through the encyclopedia while I watched Saturday morning cartoons. One morning I came across a Jackson Pollock action painting and it moved me deeply. I had never seen anything like it. I remember thinking ‘I want to do

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