Happy Birthday, Bob Mackie!

Since we started creating our Pop Culture Passionistas' Sock Puppets, we’ve been asked a lot of questions. “You MAKE those?” “Why sock puppets?” “What are you... nine?” Okay, we know we gravitated toward an unusual art form. But we wanted to find a unique way to pay tribute to our favorite pop culture icons and bring a little humor to what seem like really intense and serious times. As our technique has evolved, we’ve started to determine that what makes someone “sock puppet worthy” isn’t just how much we admire them. Each subject must have a district feature or sense of style that sets them apart from the average celebrity Joe or Jane. Perhaps that’s why we keep gravitating towards the aw

Thomas Hewlett Finds Redemption in Telling Tales of a Vampire in A.A.

Courtesy of Thomas Hewlett Growing up in Los Angeles, author Thomas Hewlett was surrounded by mysterious tales of the city that the average tourist would never hear. One of his grandfather’s built luxury yachts for people like the legendary movie star Errol Flynn. His other grandfather was the only bartender the notorious mobster Mickey Cohen trusted to make his martinis. So when he sat down to write his literary vampire series, Twelve Stakes, it’s no surprise that he was influenced by those stories. As he acknowledged in a recent one-on-one interview, “I grew up hearing these kind of insider L.A. stories and it colored the way I write. It's no accident that my main character, Vampire detect

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