2016 Emmy Highlights with the Passionistas

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas Christmas came early again for the Pop Culture Passionistas courtesy of the Archive of American Television. For the seventh year and counting we helped them cover the red carpet and the pressroom at the Primetime and Creative Arts Emmys. Two weekends in a row of pure pop culture bliss. We couldn't possibly cover it all in one blog, so we wrote just a few highlights below. To see the red carpet interviews we conducted on behalf of the Archive, visit their YouTube channel and read more highlights in our guest blog at EmmyTVLegends.org. Martin Mull The Creative Arts Emmys mostly honor the people behind the camera and the red carpet is a little more low key than

Bradley Bowen To Star in Flight

Photo courtesy of Bradley Bowen Bradley Bowen is a study in determination. He hasn’t walked a straight path through life. Yet he’s met every twist and turn with a focus and resolve that’s allowed him to achieve a series of goals that are unquestionably impressive. While he describes himself as having an “addictive” personality, it was clear in a recent one-on-one interview that this is a man who dives into every new endeavor with an undeniable passion that makes him almost unstoppable. It all began in Daytona Beach, where Bowen and his family moved when he was just 12 years old. Growing up in Minnesota, he had never seen the ocean before. But when they relocated to a house right on the ocean

Director Walter May Turned His Love of MTV into a Career

Photo courtesy of Walter May Growing up in Arlington, Texas, director Walter May was always a bit of an outsider. The son of a Caucasian father and Filipino mother he admitted in a recent one-on-one interview that he always felt a little bit different. “The South has this duality of being very kind but you do feel a separation,” May explained. “And, me being a kid who really didn’t know how to identify with either side so much, whether it being my mom’s Filipino side or also being half-Caucasian, but not looking Caucasian, not overtly Caucasian, it was an interesting place that helped develop my strength of just being unique in whatever it is that I do because I was just born into it.”

Laura Carruthers Elevates Scottish Highland with Grace Fury

When they think of Burbank, California, most people likely conjure up an image of the epically bland “Beautiful Downtown Burbank” joked about by Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. Others might picture the repetitive if not colorful ranch houses of a Tim Burton film. But very few would probably picture it being a place that would give rise to a woman who is breathing new life into Scottish Highland Dancing. But as dancer-choreographer, Laura Carruthers explained in a recent one-on-one interview, it was a rich Scottish community in Southern California that planted the seeds of her early interest in the lesser-known Celtic dance form. “My father was involved in Scottish Highland Games. They’r

Jai Rodriguez on Buyer & Cellar, Barbra Streisand and Celebrity

Photo courtesy of the Falcon Theatre Most TV fans don’t know that Jai Rodriguez, best known as the Culture Vulture from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, actually started his career in theater. And now he is hitting the stage once again in Toluca Lake, California, in a one-man show called Buyer & Cellar. In a recent one-on-one interview, Jai described the show’s premise, which he said is exposed by his character in the first few moments of the play. “It’s essentially based on one fact inside of Barbra Streisand’s book… My Passion for Design. In there she mentions having a basement mall that she had built to store all her lovely things — from a doll store to a sweet shop complete with frozen

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