Pop Culture Bucket List: Hold Hands with the Fonz

Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBC One of our very first TV crushes was Happy Days’ the Fonz. How could a girl not fall for a motorcycle-riding cute guy with a heart of gold in a leather jacket and tight jeans? Who wouldn’t swoon when he thumped the jukebox prompting the lights to dim and Blueberry Hill to pour out over the speakers at Arnold’s Drive-In? Arthur Fonzarelli had a tough shell with a marshmallow interior and we ate him up. As we got older we had heard that Henry Winkler was all softy, through and through. The nicest guy in the business. We wondered if that were true and hoped to one day find out for ourselves. So, when we recently got invited to a press event with the actor turned chi

Yakoff Smirnoff: Laughter, Relationships and Passion

Photo courtesy of PBS If you’re a child of the ‘80s, you most likely remember Yakov Smirnoff, the Russian immigrant stand-up comic who marveled at a life free from communism and bathed in consumerism uttering the catch phrase “And I thought, 'What a country!'” If you do remember him, you might be wondering why, some 25 years later, he is giving relationship advice. After almost 40 years in the business, Yakov studied the science behind comedy and set out to prove that laughter is the gauge of how happy you are in your relationship. Now he’s back onstage in a new PBS special called Yakov Smirnoff’s Happily Ever Laughter: The Neuroscience of Romantic Relationships. In the late 1970s, Yakov Smi

Better Late Than Never: An Interview with Henry Winkler, William Shatner and Jeff Dye

Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC What happens when you take the Fonz, Captain Kirk, NFL’s Blonde Bomber and heavyweight champion Big George and drop them in the middle of the most populous city in the world? Hilarity. Seriously. We have watched a lot, and we mean A LOT, of TV in our days but we have never laughed out loud so much as we did when watching the first episode of Better Late Than Never. On NBC’s new alternative comedy show, set to premiere on August 23, 2016, Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw and George Forman explore Asia with their comic sidekick Jeff Dye. We recently went to a press screening expecting these ‘70s superstars to entertain us for a bit. We never expected

Former D.C. Insider Gerald Weaver Presents “The First First Gentleman”

Courtesy of Gerald Weaver Suffering from withdrawals now that the political conventions are behind us? Not sure how you’re going to survive on crumbs like Trump’s current feud with Khizr Khan or the possibility that Julian Assange really does have some yet to be released emails that will incriminate Hillary? Worried that the Donald just might renege on the whole debate schedule after all? Well, we’ve got something to help you through the political ups and downs between now and November — Gerald Weaver’s novel The First First Gentleman. The new book follows the rise of Melinda Sherman, the first woman to claim the Oval Office. While on the surface it may sound like this work of political fi

Lindsay Rapp Brings the Ocean to the Heart of Philadelphia

Courtesy of Lindsay Rapp If you travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you don’t expect to experience the seashores of the southern coast. But in the old city, not far from where our forefathers once hashed out the details of the Declaration of Independence and Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag, Lindsay Rapp found a way to infuse the Cradle of Liberty with an ocean vibe. Born and raised in Florida, Rapp’s talent for art was apparent at an early age. As she recounted in a recent one-on-one interview, “I don’t even remember a time I was not interested in art. When I was in pre-school, I was constantly coloring or doing crafts. My pre-school teacher would tell my parents, ‘Your four-year-

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